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Chelmsford Cheap Conveyancing Firms

Located in East England, Chelmsford is home to a number of conveyancers who are both cheap and quality. Indeed it is true that conveyancing can be at times very costly especially for first-time buyers. For people operating on a shoestring budget when purchasing a home, it is important that they get cheap conveyancing services. In a commercial city like Chelmsford, real estate is always a thriving business; there are thus several conveyancers in the city who can provide cheap conveyancing options for sellers and buyers alike. If you are looking for cheap conveyancing options here are some options you would want to consider.

Gepp and Sons

Gepp and Sons started its services over 200 years ago. It has continued over those years to be one of the leading firms not only in Chelmsford but in the whole of North East region. As one of the oldest in the region it has the edge over its competitors and has established itself as the reliable service provider. Their services are geared towards ensuring that the customer gets the highest standards of service. This commitment has enabled them to come up with cheap solutions for people who may not be able to afford high-end service. If you are looking for a firm where you will get your money’s worth, Gepp and Son’s is the firm for you.


NBM law is one of the major service providers in the region. With a broad client base, the firm has been able to establish itself as a reliable service provider. Their 28 years of experience has enabled them to come up with solutions catered for every kind of client. If budget is a problem for you, NBM Law has products that ensure that you will get quality service at a pocket-friendly price. Their lawyers are trained to treat every client and case uniquely. As a client, you will enjoy working with NMB law. Their offices are located at Rainsford Rd.

Duffield Stunt

Duffield Stunt is one of the most progressive firms in the city of Chelmsford. As a growing, a firm they are keen on providing quality service to the clients. One of their main strategies is on technology. The firm prides itself on having the very best software so as to offer service that is both personalised and professional. Their focus on the internet enables them to reach a wider client base and provide solutions for every one of them. If you are busy and looking for a cheap, quick and also quality service option, then Duffield is the right choice for you. With them you do not even have to go to their banking halls, you only need to go to their website where you will be served well. Their office is on Duke Street in the centre of the city.

Dyer and Crow Conveyancers

Professionalism is a crucial factor in conveyancing. For a firm to succeed, it has to find a balance between being friendly, personal and being professional. Dyer and Crow is a firm that has found the balance between these two principles. The result is high standard service delivery that has enabled the company to grow. In line with these principles, Dyer and Crow provides solutions that are personalised for every client. So no matter your budget be sure that Dyer and Crow will find a suitable product for you that will be of the quality required. Their office is at Duke, open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

These are but some of the many firms providing affordable and cheap conveyancing services in Chelmsford city. No matter what your budget is may be, there is always a product out there for you.