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What is the average conveyancing fee of a solicitor in Greater Manchester?

Conveyancing fees ManchesterIt is great to live in the Great Manchester county of England. There are so many things that people can avail while they live in a big county such as the Greater Manchester in North West England. There are many beautiful landmarks in the Greater Manchester such as the City of Manchester museum, Old Trafford stadium, The Lowry, and many other tourist’s destinations. Moreover, residents of the county will also be supporting the World’s top class football club of Manchester United and Manchester City. Living in such a big county is the dream of every UK resident. However, if you have your own residency in the Greater Manchester there is no better deal than this.

If you want to buy a property in Greater Manchester, you should always seek the services provided by a conveyancing solicitor. Solicitors charge conveyancing fee either hourly or in fix charges. Fees of a solicitor may range from £300 to £1000 base on the agreement between the solicitor and the buyer. In this article, you will learn about the basic or the average fee charge by a solicitor.

Conveyancing Quotes

When you hire a solicitor, you are required to place a quote on the services provided by a solicitor based upon his services as the solicitor demands from you and the disbursement costs that solicitors have to pay in your behalf.

Solicitors Fees

Solicitors might charge you fixed fees or hourly conveyancing fee; it is your choice to select a solicitor that you consider as the best in the local areas of Greater Manchester, however, solicitors service charges are the choice of the solicitors. Whatever charges they demand you have to pay them those charges and in the conveyancing quote will consider the solicitor services fees inside the conveyancing quote people ask from a solicitor.

Disbursement Charges

These are the fees that you have to pay outside the cost of solicitors services and VAT that applies to them. These payments are outlined below:

  1. Fees for search services

Local search fees include paying to the local council for the purpose of avoiding any future complexities or surprises such as new motorway construction plans and other developments in the area. If the local council had made any grants to the owner, the council will report about the back payments if any remaining from the side of the vendor of the property.

  1. Drainage Fees
    Drainage fees are paid in order to find any problems in power supply and waste disposal. It will also be discuss who will pay for the repairmen’s.
  2. Valuation fees
    Mortgage lenders will ask for the property valuations and the buyer has to pay the fee of property valuation.
  3. Bankruptcy Search

Lenders will also ask for the bankruptcy report from the buyer. It will be needed to the lender in order to secure their loan or mortgage that they lend to the buyer.

  1. Electronic Transfer Fee
    The fee usually counts from £40 to £50; the fee is paid to the mortgage lender for the transfer of money to the solicitor or your account.
  2. Land Registry Fee
    After solicitor pay the agreed amount to the buyer for the house, the land is need to be registry, to ensure that land is title under the buyer’s name. Land Registry fees are based on the percentage value of the property. It is paid to the government in order to ensure that land is title under the buyer’s name.
  3. Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is the percentage tax to be paid on the value of the property. The tax is to be paid to the government otherwise the property will not be register under the buyer’s name.


People know have a little idea about conveyancing fees charged by solicitors and the disbursement charges to be paid in order to buy a property in England. To learn more about conveyancing fee as charged in the area of the Greater England, you can visit NBM Law group of solicitors. They will reply to your any inquiry for buying a property in the Greater England.